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Dr. Hilal was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He graduated from Alexandria University School of Medicine then completed 3 years of pediatric residency and earned Masters in Pediatrics from Alexandria University Children’s hospital before moving to the United State. After passing necessary qualifying exams he got accepted and graduated from University of Nevada School of medicine pediatric residency program in Las Vegas, NV, where he practiced pediatrics for 16 years before moving to Dallas, TX.


Dr. Hilal has been working in pediatrics since graduation from medical school for more than 30 years with extensive experience in both primary care and urgent care setting.


Dr. Hilal is married and has 2 children and enjoys spending time with family, volunteering, hiking, swimming and playing soccer.


Fiona Carruth was born in London, England. She grew up in Canada where she
met her husband and attended McMaster University. There she earned a Bachelors degree in Molecular Genetics and a Masters degree in Psychology. Fiona’s careers in Canada were as a researcher in Psychology and eventually as a Cognitive Therapist for traumatic brain injury patients.

In 1998, Fiona and her family moved to the United States where she raised her
three daughters. Her oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 3
years of age. The relationships with the doctors and nurses that cared for her
daughter inspired her to become a registered nurse. Fiona has worked as a nurse in Pediatrics for over 12 years. While working full time, Fiona attended Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and graduatedwith a Masters of Nursing in 2019.

Fiona is a PNCB Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner of Primary Care in the State of Texas. Fiona has a passion for working in Pediatrics to help build healthy, happy children and families.

Medical Director

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner of Primary Care

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